Sunday, February 17, 2013

Betel Box Bistro

Katong is, of course, the place where all the good food is.  And in particular, where good nonya food has its home.  One of the newer eateries, is Betel Box Bistro. Does the name sound familiar?  It is part of the backpacker hostel, Betel Box.  Betel Box Bistro serves homely Nonya fare, cooked by Uncle Ben.

Laksa Goreng - House Special
My family had dinner at BBB some time back.  It was a comfortable meal - we tried out the tasty, tender rendang; spicy and sour kacang botol salad; ayam panggang; and laksa goreng, among other things.  Laksa goreng is (I suppose) the "less guilty" way of eating laksa because it lacks the soup, and hence, maybe those extra calories.  Or at least that's what one tells oneself. 

Ayam Buah Keluak
Anyway, the good food, warm and friendly service and pleasant surroundings were enough to prompt a return visit.  This time, we brought along my extended family - my dad's brothers/sisters/my cousins.  i.e. the true blue nonya/baba fraternity.  We ate dish after dish (see here for a few more photos) - ayam buah keluak (lots of the buah keluak meat in the gravy); belimbing pork (sourish belimbing fruit contrasts with the richness of the pork) the yong tau foo in a lemak pineapple gravy (very tasty-lemak/ sweet/ tangy all at the same time); the otak in cabbage rolls in laksa gravy (slurp); sambal prawns; chap chye (not one of my favourites); kacang botol salad (now this I like); many other dishes.  By and large, the food is wholesome, tasty and substantial perankan fare.  You need lots of rice, to soak up the rich, flavourful gravy.  We managed to finish most of the food up and topped it off with dessert (sago gula melaka; pulot hitam; chendol).
The chef came out to ask my sister (who made the reservations) how the food was.  She replied that her family was "picky", but they weren't complaining too much, so must be ok.  "Picky!" exclaimed my aunt, obviously insulted.  Discerning diners, more like. 

Betel Box Bistro is at 200 Joo Chiat Road, #01-01, Singapore 427471.


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