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The reason for this blog was covered in the first post, but I'll repeat it here:

 "I've lived in the east coast of Singapore practically all my life, mostly in that little area of the east coast called Katong. We Katong-ites think this place is special. It has got good food, lovely old buildings and great people. In particular, the Peranakans and Eurasians have strong communities here and I, of course, am a bit of both."

So this blog is about Katong - people, places and memories. I also include a number of recipes, and posts about my family and growing up in this area, and about the Peranakan and Eurasian communities.

The third post, tried to answer the question, where exactly is Katong? Aside from Tanjong Katong Rd, I don't recall any roads being called "Katong" road. There are a number of buildings (like Katong Shopping Centre, Katong Mall, Katong Convent!) but nothing very specific. Then there is Katong CC which is way out by Fort Road! Not really Katong at all - more like Mountbatten, or even in Kallang!

Katong, as I define it, is roughly bordered by the following roads:
  • In the South, by Marine Parade Road. Now, I think this is debatable. Marine Parade has got a slightly different character to Katong. It is also far newer and built on reclaimed land (old time Katong residents can recall the days when their homes were by the sea). But anyone staying in Marine Parade would be eating, shopping or passing through Katong all the time and vice versa. So in practice it is hard to de-link the two (e.g. my last post was all about Marine Parade!).
  • In the North, by Changi Road. Again, a little debatable. But Ceylon Road, Joo Chiat Road, Still Road are definitely in Katong. So it seems logical that where these roads end, that's roughly where Katong should end too. 
  • In the East, by Frankel Avenue (beyond that it is already Siglap)
  • In the West, by Tanjong Katong Road (or possibly by Haig Road, but at least Tanjong Katong Road has the right name).
 I hope you enjoy reading this blog and look forward to your comments and your own stories and reminescing about your own Katong days.  If you'd like to contact me, my profile contains an email contact.  Just a few points to note:
  • I typically will not respond to requests for recipes, etc.  I have shared recipes for some dishes on this site and if I've not shared a recipe, it is typically because it's taken directly from a cookbook and I do try to respect someone else's intellectual property.  In any case, there are probably many other recipes out there - just search.
  • I reserve the right to delete or modify comments.  It's my blog after all!  I've noticed a few comments which include a link to a commercial site (eg on-line shop).  I don't promote or advertise for anyone on this blog and I don't want anyone else to do so either.  Of course, there are kind souls out there who do want to give helpful tips and suggestions and those remain very welcome.
Thanks very much for reading!


  1. Although I live overseas, my heart is still in Singapore especially in Katong. Three generations of my family lived first, in Telok Kurau, then East Coast Road and one of the roads that had the name of a fruit. We then moved to the West of Singapore. That move broke my heart.
    I went to KC, my brothers to St. Pats and we attended Holy Family.(I like the old church to the present one) We and our friends had a free, roam anywhere childhood , especially at the beach, swimming, looking for remis, shells,
    fish, playing in the mud, a fantastic childhood without any fear except when we were chased by the fishermen who lived on the beach, when we got to close to their homes and their nets.

    I could go on and on. Sad that the market and police station had to be demolished

    Old Katong was, is and will always be a part of me.

  2. Good to have my family's insistence since childhood that we are true Katongites confirmed by your blog. Since our end of Lorong N was the last section before Frankel, I can say 'yay' to being part of that special place. Not only can we claim being Katongites from Mum's side of the family, but also from Dad's.

    I will always remember the old Holy Family before the reno, Chin Mee Chin and Cona's as well as Saint Pat's and KC. Sadly, our family house no longer exists, but the memories are really vibrant and wonderful.

  3. Hi Kawan Kawan,
    I chance upon your blog while looking for some info, I would like to congratulate you on your manek project, it is not an easy task I know as I did one many years ago, its a test of patience and the piece I made was not as complicated as yours.It was really lucky for me as my neighbour is a manek expert and she makes pieces where they are so many different colours that I lost count. She drops by often to check on my progress when I was doing the manek, she is going to be 94years old this year.
    The reason I was looking into peranakan sites is because that neighbour is thinking of selling her leftover collection of beads and some old antique looking manek pieces as her grandchildren are not interested in the art. I am hoping to look around for a buyer who appreciates her pieces rather than selling it online for her.Would appreciate if you can let me know if there are people who are interested.

  4. Dear Anonymous (dd 10 Jan)

    Sure, do email me (there is a link on my profile page) together with further details and I'll see who I can interest in the antique pieces. Photos would be nice!



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