Sunday, May 11, 2008

Conservation Houses, East Coast Road

To me, growing up in the East Coast, I never knew there was anything particularly unique or wonderful about the shophouses in the area. They were there, and had always been there and that was that. Today, I find that I really appreciate the timeless charm and quiet prettiness of these old homes.

I took my cat for sterilisation today, at the Mt Pleasant Clinic on East Coast Road. Just alongside the clinic is a small, narrow little road, lined on one side with the most charming little single-storey houses. Like many old houses in this once flood-ridden area, they are raised off the ground by a short flight of steps. The front of the house is decorated with detailed plaster mouldings, the sort one would normally see on the ceiling of a stately home somewhere in England...

Going past the houses, it truly feels like yesterday once more.


  1. I really liked this glimpse of yesterday. The photographs showing the bright blue decorations are striking.

  2. Er just to let you know, my aunt lives in one of those, and it is NOT a single storey house! It is in fact 3 storeys (including a basement)

  3. Wow, the exterior is so deceptive. I would never have imagined there are three storeys behind. Is there a mezzanine?



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