Thursday, June 05, 2008

First Episode of Sayang Sayang

Well, last night I caught the first episode of Mediacorp's new series, Sayang Sayang. Must admit that I was not too impressed, but am willing to give it more time to develop.

I was a little late (about 5 minutes). But that must have been enough for me to miss the vital family relationships which underly the rest of the episode. Took me some time to subsequently work these out. The storyline is also a little too improbable for a tv series - the grandfather's will requires his grandson to marry before 30 or he loses his inheritance, which then goes to a daughter? Grandson proposes to total stranger who is complete opposite of what his mother wants as a result? Strange. But let's give it the benefit of the doubt for now.

In terms of the performance, I thought Tan Kheng Hwa showed promise. She gave the most memorable moment of the episode when defending her decision to fire a pregnant woman from the workplace. But the potential daughter in law was just clownish. And her henpecked husband had more implausible lines like not remembering he had a son (?!). Certainly, the scriptwriting has some way to go.

Well, who knows. It could be one of those shows which improves with time.

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