Saturday, July 09, 2011

My Favourite Kasut Manek Photos

Kasut Manek - Peacock 02Stepping out in styleNyonya Beaded ShoeBeading Shoes | The Peranakan Way | SingaporeBeaded ShoesKasut Manek
Antique peranakan beaded slipper(kasut manek manek)Peranakan beaded shoeNonya Beaded ShoeMy Grandmother's Shoesbeaded001Peranankan Beaded shoes
Kasut Manek (i) (Phoenixes)'Kasut Manek'Beaded slippers

Kasut Manek, a gallery on Flickr.
Well, I did promise that I had a few new posts in the pipeline. And so I do, except of course that this particular one may not be particularly exciting to anyone as it is really an excuse to update on the status of my Kasut Manek project, of which nothing has been heard for months.

But first, let me share a number of lovely kasut manek photos which I've found on Flickr. These are a mixture of old shoes, new shoes, and shoes in progress.  More information can be found in the gallery itself (and more updated photos, as and when I find them).

Now back to my own personal kasut manek.  Indeed, it has been slow going. I am now at the widest part of the shoe, so the rows progress slowly. But there has indeed been some discernable movement (after all these months there had better be!) as the little pink beads move further down the canvas, light pink shading down to medium and then to dark metallic pink.

For those who have requested for my pattern, I ask you for your patience. I don't really have a scanner and will need to photograph the existing pattern, clean it up etc etc. Am rather busy (as the slow progress on my shoes also indicates) and will need to find time to do this as well.


  1. Hi
    Do you know where to get the design and pattern of beaded shoes in Penang.

    Thank you

  2. Hi Ursula,
    Sorry, not familiar with the beading scene in Penang. In Singapore, you can go to Bebe Seet's shop in Katong and buy her book, as there are a number of patterns there. Or to the Little Shophouse in Bussorah Street.



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