Monday, January 30, 2012

At the two year mark

At the two year mark by Taking5
At the two year mark, a photo by Taking5 on Flickr.
Well, it has been two years and in the interest of complete transparency I guess I should share the current status of my beaded shoe project.

As you can see, progress has not been the greatest.

On the plus side, I have started on the second shoe... on the down side, have not finished the first!

Reason is that I'm running a little low on one colour of the beads and it is proving difficult to top up as the shops don't stock this type any more. So am making sure that the shoes are going to match by using the remainder of the beads to complete the other side to the same level and then I'll just have to work out how to complete the bottom part of both shoes. Or hopefully by then the new stock will be in!


  1. i m interested in learning to bead shoes... plz advise on where to learn and how to get the materials...tqvm
    Luv ur chosen colors and patterns... what a pity that the beads are out of stock...

  2. Hi, you can learn at Rumah Bebe. More details on this earlier post of mine, which covers beading resources including on-line resources.

  3. Hi Thanks for all the info for your Kasut Manek's project. My Peranakan grandmother-in-law has given me a pair of her own kasut manek. The beadwork is beautiful but the sole and heels have worn out a bit. Can you advise me where do you get your cobbling done for your beaded shoes? Thanks.

  4. Try New Bridge Centre in Chinatown, one of the small little shops downstairs.

    1. Thanks. I will try there.



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