Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My Own Ellice Handy

Elsewhere in this blog, I have made reference to the excellent Mrs Handy's cookbook, "My Favourite Recipes". My grandmother has a copy of the first edition, my mother swears by her second edition. And me? I am glad to say that I got my copy of the fourth edition, as a Christmas gift. It's a beautiful hardback book, with the introduction from Mrs Handy and an additional background note about her life.

Where the original only contained the written recipes, this version includes photos, additional mouthwatering incentive to try out the recipes. The recipes include not just the imperial measurements (the complaint of an earlier post) but handy conversions to metric measurements (pun intended).

I am looking forward to trying out my first recipe from this new cookbook :-)

(Mrs Handy's "My Favourite Recipes" is available from major bookstores.  Or you can, as suggested in a comment on my blog, write to to place an order.)


  1. Hi KG!
    Hope you had a nice X'mas. Like last year I was motivated to make another batch of pineapple jam tarts for X'mas this year (my Mum's recipe). Quite a bit of work but I had some help this year.

    I wish you a Happy New Year 2013 Katong Gal.
    All the best to you and bonne continuation with your lovely blog.
    *Have fun with the Ellice Handy cook book :)*

    1. Dear Jean,
      Thanks for your good wishes. Happy 2013 to you too!



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