Saturday, July 27, 2013

Baba vs the Minions

So, apparently the "Minions" from Despicable Me are the latest in-thing, as is their rendition of the Beach Boys' hit, "Barbara Ann". 

But the Peranakans have their own version!  Check out "Baba Nyonya" by Alvin Oon:

Of course, this song is not just made up of meaningless syllables like the Minions', as it is actually in Baba Malay.  Aside from repeating "Baba Nyonya" many times, it weaves in references to clothing ("sarong kebaya") and food ("otak otak" and "buah keluak").  Yes, we are all indeed happy eating yummy nyonya cuisine!

For photos on Peranakan houses, you can check out my Katong photo set on Flickr.

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