Saturday, May 30, 2009

Green Bean Soup (Lek Tau T'ng)

I had recently been busily baking cakes and biscuits recentlly. So it seemed like time for a traditional favourite.

I mentioned green bean soup and my father started talking about how his mother (my grandmother) made it, with sago pearls amongst the beans. I checked up my Penang recipe book, "Nonya Flavours" and there it was!

Be warned: this takes some time to cook. (I've also made a few tweaks to the recipe.)
1. Soak green beans (abt 200g or so) in water for about 1h or so
2. Add the soaked beans to boiling water, together with brown sugar - abt 150-200g (according to taste) and pandan leaves. Cook over slow heat till soft (beans should break up, soup should thicken slightly). Can take over 1.5 hour.
3. Wash the pearl sago (abt 75g or so), add to the pot. Cook till transluscent (don't overcook)
4. Add about 100ml of coconut milk, or alternatively spoon a little coconut cream on top of the soup.

My father likes it as a night snack, my mother as a mid-morning snack. How versatile!


  1. Hi, I've just stumbled onto your site via Flickr! As a long time Katong person (born, lived, school etc), i love your blog! Have just facebook it for all the old KC girls and Katongers!


  2. Dear Belinda,
    Thanks for your kind comments, glad you like my blog.

  3. I love green bean soup. There's a stall in Plaza Singapura which sells great green bean soup in the kopitiam. Could eat it anytime of the day.

  4. Wow, this is also my favourite soup. I prefer to consume without coconut milk. Tks for sharing your recipe. Will follow closely your way, but I will add in pandan leave for special taste.



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