Sunday, September 06, 2009

Sunday morning snacks

What a long absence from this blog! Sometimes, unfortunately, work and other activities have to take priority. So many apologies and hope that I can make more regular updates in future.

I've been trying to wake up earlier on Sunday mornings, and go for the early (9am+) mass. After all, I get to work around 9am most weekdays, so why can't I wake up early Sundays too? Progress, however, has been patchy. But to reward myself when I do make it on time, on my way back, I try finding something for my elevenses. That's when I pop into Katong Antique Shop for some nonya kueh-kueh - varieties not necessarily available at other places.

So here are two examples of Katong Antique Shop's products: Pulut Inti, and Apom Baukwa. Pulut Inti is a glutinous rice dessert, where the rice is coloured with the butterfly pea flower and topped with a little grated coconut seasoned with gula melaka and sugar. I must admit it is more likely that the blue colouring in the picture above comes from artificial colouring, though. Apom is a mini-pancake made of rice flour and eaten with a sauce made of gula melaka and cooked banana - the sauce is really an integral part of the dish. I heat everything up just before eating - yum!
Hope that you have an opportunity to try these two kuehs.


  1. Hi Hi, it has been a while since I have last visited your blog. I don't think I have tried the two kuehs from the Katong Antique shop. They do look unique.

  2. oceanskies - tks for visiting again. Yes, do try the kueh kueh.

  3. Alright. I shall remember to try the kueh kueh when I next visit the Katong Antique shop.



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