Saturday, February 27, 2010

Clouds receding into the distance

There are some people who find these beading progress reports fascinating, annd there are some who find it just about as interesting as watching paint dry.

The latter will probably be glad that I decided that I'd update only for real substantive progress. Not because I want to placate them but because the time spent uploading and blogging could be better spent beading (thus having something to show in the first place).

I am pleased nonetheless to announce that I've finished the top left corner of my left shoe; that leaves still a lot of canvas to cover but it is for me a mini-milestone. The only problem is that the pattern I'm using is a little smaller than the template. Willl have to figure out which of the two I want to follow....

The process of beading requires a fair amount of concentration.  Not attending at the right time could result in messy unpicking.  Yet, surprisingly, I find it quite absorbing and enthralling.

See progress thus far, aka watching paint dry.

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